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    Experts in furnishing Power Plant and Industrial Equipment for a broad range of Commercial, Industrial and Utility Projects.

    We Represent a Broad Range of Equipment for Many Different Industries

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    Who We Are

    For over 90 years Hughes Machinery Company has provided extensive engineering services for boiler and heat transfer, steam production and distribution, and process flow control for commercial, industrial and utility projects. We represent industry leading lines such as:

    Armstrong, Tranter, Continental Disc, Metso, Jordan Valve, Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley, Limpsfield, Johnston Boiler, Atlas Copco, and many more.

    Hughes works with your business to provide custom solutions that help optimize your process, conserve energy, and save money.

    Hughes specializes in partnering with your business from the technical evaluation and engineering design phase, to installation and start-up of your custom solution. We have extensive engineering experience providing custom boiler, heat transfer, how to start analysis essay steam, and process flow control solutions for your business.

    Our sales staff consists of trained, graduate engineers with over 200 combined years of technical experience. Hughes factory-trained sales engineers provide technical guidance through project planning, detailed engineering layout design, installation, and equipment start-up. We also will arrange for complete turnkey performance from project planning through installation, including start-up, calibration and?operator training.

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